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Nikken TriPhase Bracelet
Nikken TriPhase Bracelet

Nikken has several magnetic bracelets to chose from. Nikken’s most recent bracelet is the Shannon Miller Special Edition Sport Bracelet. Nikken is donating a portion of each sale to the Shannon Miller Foundation for education and prevention of childhood obesity.

Shannon Miller Special Edition Bracelet

TriPhase Shannon Miller Special Edition Sport Bracelet

Good looks for a good cause. Nikken TriPhase Technology and Sport Bracelet versatility combine with beautiful 24k gold accents in a design personally selected and approved by seven-time Olympic Medal winner Shannon Miller — the most decorated American gymnast in history.

Your purchase of this Special Edition bracelet includes a donation to the Shannon Miller Foundation, a group dedicated to fighting childhood obesity and related diseases.

TriPhase Shannon Miller Special Edition Bracelet. Item # 19090 $35.00

TriPhase™ Sport Bracelet

Nikken TriPhase Bracelet
Nikken TriPhase Bracelet

Unbelievable as it may seem, engineers working with Nikken have succeeded in putting Triphase Technology into a flexible, rugged sport design. The TriPhase Sport Bracelet features Nikken Magnetic Technology, Far-Infrared Technology and Negative-Ion Technology within its core. The porous, permeable outer material “breathes” instead of acting as a barrier. Yet it’s strong enough to stand up to serious athletic activity. The pliable silicone is self-shaping to conform to your wrist. It’s so light, you won’t know you have it on — a plus for athletes who don’t want their golf or tennis swing affected by added weight. The neat magnetic clasp holds securely, but separates easily, eliminating any need to tug or stretch while putting it on or taking it off. The style and color are equally attractive on men and women.

TriPhase Sport Bracelet. Item # 19095 $30.00

Since 1975 Nikken has been the cutting edge developer and creator of magnetic technologies and has over the years evolved into the Worlds Total Wellness Company. Nikken offers over 200 products in its line up including Nutrition & Weight Management products, Sleep Systems , Fitness and Environment Products.

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