Nikken Classic Collection Stainless Jewelry 33%-43% Off

While supplies last you can get Nikken Classic Collection Stainless Jewelry 33%-43% off. This includes bracelets, necklaces and earrings. This collection was created for Nikken by a team of top designers in Europe and manufactured according to standards of exacting quality. It combines fine craftsmanship, exclusive styling and Nikken advanced technology. Stainless steel is employed as the structural material – exceptionally resistant to corrosion, discoloration and wear. Inserts of enamel accent the designs. Enamel resists wear better than a painted or coated finish, and provides a richness of appearance in gloss or matte surface. The magnetic segments in Nikken jewelry are rated at 700-800 gauss. The Far-Infrared discs express a gentle warming effect, which can aid sore muscles and tendons. Nikken Bracelet, Nikken Classic Collection Bracelet, Nikken Classic Collection Earrings, Nikken Classic Collection Necklaces are distributed Exclusively by Nikken Independent Distributors. If you would like more information about Nikken Classic Collection Bracelets please fill out the form and a Nikken Independent Distributor will contact you shortly.

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